Discover a Chinese interior at the Vera May gallery

Discover a Chinese interior at the Vera May gallery

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For their greatest pleasure, lovers of authentic decoration will find at the Véra May gallery, a multitude of ancient Chinese furniture and objects. An ideal place to take inspiration from the Far East! Meet at 15 rue Oudinot in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, under an unexpected glass roof, to discover furniture, everyday objects from ancient China, ethnic costumes and accessories or calligraphy laden with Chinese history and culture. You will be able to discover what a traditional Chinese interior can look like, without leaving Paris. The gallery will also be delighted to explain the various uses of everyday objects from China. To discover: a trapezoidal cabinet more than a hundred years old in a Ming style, A pair of horseshoe armchairs which dates from the beginning of the 19th century, a lacquered offering box, a superb red lacquered sideboard from the Qing period… Each of the objects has was selected for its authenticity and remains a unique piece of Chinese crafts. > More info on www.veramay.com Discover the Chinese furniture and objects from the Véra May gallery:


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