Very decorative glass sliding doors

Very decorative glass sliding doors

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Very decorative and allowing light to pass through, the sliding glass doors from the 2011 Lapeyre collection do not go unnoticed. Lapeyre thus offers for the first time six models to choose according to his tastes and the atmosphere of the rooms. Three models made of laminated glass are available in solid color. The Purity model is a brilliant white color, the Onyx model is a brilliant black color and the Graphiq model displays a frosted black finish with a slate appearance. Tip: we can note small chalk messages on the Graphiq and Purity models! Three models made of tempered glass integrate screen-printed decorations (one enamel side and one UV paint side) with 3D effect. Three different atmospheres are offered: Textile, Vegetable and Sphere . To choose according to its style of decoration ... Finally on the price side, it will cost 500 euros to acquire one of these sliding doors.


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