Make a great designer furniture at home for 30 euros

Make a great designer furniture at home for 30 euros

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Who says you need a plump bank account to buy designer pieces at home? Why not create them yourself, and at less than 30 euros! Two things are enough: your ten fingers and the book Do It Yourself by Thomas Bärnthaler (edited by Phaidon). The book helps you to make objects designed by 50 world-renowned designers and artists. Explanations.

Reproduce the works of the world's greatest designers

Patricia Urquiola, Konstantin Grcic, Ai Weiwei, Alfredo Häberli, Hella Jongerius… Any design enthusiast knows the talent and notoriety of the artists present in this book. Through simple and accessible operating instructions, the book proposes to reproduce amazing functional and / or decorative objects (for example, the wooden candlestick imagined by Alfredo Häberli - Swiss Grand Prize for Design in 2014 - for less 30 euros). It is also possible to create the plush of Ai Weiwei, a major artist on the Chinese scene. For the aficionados of the work of Nantes Ionna Vautrin (whose work is based on everyday objects), follow the instructions to reproduce her chandelier in polystyrene and ribbons (for 44 euros).

Contemporary design for everyone

Each object to be made is presented through a clear layout, like a recipe, with budget of materials, time required for construction, and presentation of the object by its star creator. The goal is to facilitate the work of the budding artist with photos, diagrams, and simple and intuitive instructions. What is more, the necessary equipment is always accessible from a financial point of view and available in any DIY or plastic arts store. Some utensils are also to be drawn from the toolbox (glue, drill, etc.).

DIY, an art of living

In addition to being fun, DIY is economical and rewarding. Thomas Bärnthaler, journalist and author of the book, quotes Richard Sennett, a sociologist known in the United States who has demonstrated the well-being that comes from making your own objects yourself. More than a trend, DIY and creative design mark a real art of living and furnishing your interior. Far from the mass production of objects and their planned obsolescence, it is a way of appropriating and creating your own environment. What to be proud of its decorative achievements!

Delivered Do It Yourself , by Thomas Bärnthaler, Phaidon. 244 pages, 400 illustrations. Price: 24.95 euros More information on the Phaidon website


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