Our DIY tips for decorating your balcony!

Our DIY tips for decorating your balcony!

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Our decor, DIY and DIY special ideas for balconies to benefit from a cozy and stylish corner.

Make yourself comfortable seats

To want to bask on your balcony, you must make it a haven of pleasure. For this, there is no other option than to choose cozy and comfortable seats. Soft armchairs, such as the MOON folding armchair or the SHRINK 4-room lounge will be perfect. Otherwise, you can also play the downright baba cool option by covering your balcony with a carpet and a swarm of cushions, where everyone can sit and even lie down! It's up to you to see what atmosphere you want to create. Rather boho? Choose LIMA cushions. Rather tart? SUMMER cushions are made for you! The most DIYers among you can also get started in the design of a durable and stable bench in concrete and wood, all without any tools ! To do this, you will need:
6 hollow concrete blocks with two holes
3 square wooden beams
Cushions Place 3 concrete blocks vertically on each side. Put the beams in the openings of the concrete blocks and use a little glue to fix them. A few cushions will make the bench more comfortable and allow you to personalize this formidably simple… and effective seat!

Create fun and cozy lighting

If the sunbathing and relaxing sessions on the balcony are a classic, the aperitif and barbecue evenings remain unbeatable. Nothing like lighting thought out and chosen with care to give it a nice look. If you want a relaxing space with southern accents, you can for example have candle jars or lanterns on the ground. Do not hesitate to choose them imposing, like the VALENTINE lantern with its openwork patterns, they will be the centerpiece of your decor. You can also start making your own lanterns from cans! This DIY very easy to do will make your balcony charming and unique . To do this, you will need:
Empty cans
Thick wire
A drill with a metal drill And now follow the guide:

1. Clean the cans and remove the labels. 2. Then fill them with water and put them in the fridge. 3. Once the water has turned ice, drill lots of small holes of different and interesting shapes using a drill and a metal drill. Drill two at the top of the box to pass the wire which will be used to hang the lantern. 4. Melt the ice, put candles in your DIY lanterns and hang them! In the same joyful spirit recalling the guinguette spirit, you can opt for the light garland. Suspended or rolled up on the railing of your balcony, it will brighten up the space for sure. See also the video of Coline, who made her balcony an ultra stylish place!

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