12 curtains at less than 40 euros to dress my living room

12 curtains at less than 40 euros to dress my living room

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To enhance the decor, nothing like beautiful curtains. Convenient to hide from prying eyes, we find them at all prices. Change curtains , it is have a new decor cheaper. Be aware that the possibilities of curtains are almost endless between custom curtains and the ready to hang curtains . If ready-to-hang curtains offer fewer possibilities than custom-made curtains, they are still less expensive and allow you to change decorations regularly according to your desires and the seasons. You will find several materials depending on the desired effect: light to let the light through or thick for a blackout curtain. Know that you can combine different materials to play on the times of the day. In terms of colors, everything is allowed provided that the harmony of the room is respected. Do not choose colors that do not match those of your walls. You can thus opt for a curtain color in the same tones or on the contrary decide with a frank color that will only be found in decorative accessories. For example, take the color of your sofa on the curtains, it will enhance the room. Discover our selection of curtains for less than 40 euros:


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