4 decorative ideas for your wardrobe

4 decorative ideas for your wardrobe

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Stickers, masking tape, creative storage… Find 4 DIY tips and advice for an accessorized and trendy wardrobe.

1. Think about the stickers

Very trendy, the stickers are a quick and effective solution to spice up your wardrobe. They have the advantage of being repositionable at will and can brighten up this small room. Fun and practical, they will also allow your toddlers to find their clothes in no time. A good way to teach them to organize themselves like adults. And if you don't have stickers on hand, create your own from masking tape!

2. Divert and personalize your hangers

We don't often think about it, but hangers can become a real decorative accessory in a closet. You can customize them according to your style: repaint them in copper for an industrial-chic atmosphere or dress them up with flowery masking tape for a romantic side. For the first option, all you need is a can of paint and newspaper to avoid getting your table dirty; for the second, the inevitable masking tape of course. Simple and incredibly effective. You can also divert them and make a great tie hanger or scarves. Much more effective than a box!

3. Find creative storage

Precisely, boxes are not the only options for put away your closet . Let your creativity speak and dare! In decoration, nothing like recycling: jars, wine cases, storage baskets ... All these objects can be diverted in shoe storage for example, but also on shelves or to collect your small haberdashery.

4.Don't forget the accessories

Sometimes you have to know how to get to the point. Just think of accessorize and furnish your wardrobe : a pretty chair or a comfortable armchair, a large and beautiful mirror recovered from a neighbor, an authentic wooden ladder ... So many charming objects that will make you happy every time you go to choose your look of the day! And do not forget to consult our smart advice to arrange your wardrobe to perfection as well as the essential accessories to optimize its storage. Photo credits: Whatiwore

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