3 DIY ideas to modernize your work plan

3 DIY ideas to modernize your work plan

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Used or outdated, your work plan needs a facelift. Discover our three DIY tips to revamp your kitchen at a low price.

A brushstroke to imitate concrete

This is one of the big decorative trends of the moment. Concrete from the industrial world makes a foray into our interior. In the kitchen, its soft touch and its resistant material make it the ideal ally. It is therefore quite natural that he comes (r) to dress our work plans with a clever paint with concrete effect available in DIY stores. Easy to apply and without undercoat, it is ready to use.

To do this, bring:
concrete effect paint
a sponge
an oily surface cleaner
a roll of special paint adhesive
a sealer coating
a roll
a trowel Ready to start? Follow our instructions! 1. Thoroughly wash and soap your work plan and dry it thoroughly. The outfit of the future painting depends on it. 2. Apply protective tape around the worktop to avoid soiling the furniture and surrounding corners. 3. If you observe holes or if your old plan is covered with tiling, pass the plaster filler using the float and let dry. The future surface must be 100% flat. 4. Coat the roller with paint and cover the first area. Cross movements well to distribute the material. Then smooth the material with the trowel. Continue on the rest of the plan. 5. After the necessary rest time (approximately 1 to 2 hours), pass the second coat. This time, take a small amount of paint from the end of the trowel and drop it in a very thin layer, scraping in all directions with small crossed gestures. If some areas are still transparent, re-apply paint. 6. When the work surface becomes dull, scrape with the clean trowel to bring out the nuances then leave to dry for 24 hours. Admire!

Cement tiles to change the atmosphere

Do you like the countryside spirit? Why not opt ​​for impact and water resistant cement tiles. For this realization, you will need:
a small trowel with large teeth (or a comb)
a sponge
adhesive mortar for tiles
white or gray waterproof mortar according to your taste (for finishing joints)
sufficient cement tiles (depends on the surface)
a waterproof repellent. Now, here are the steps to follow : 1. Carry out a layout plan (ie making a drawing to find out how you are going to arrange your tiles and the patterns). Remember to leave 1 to 2 mm of space for the joints between the tiles. 2. Spread a thick layer of adhesive mortar and, if necessary, make up the unevenness of the surface so that everything is flat. Use the trowel to spread and distribute the mortar well. Then coat the cement tiles with adhesive mortar and place them on the old work surface. Proceed at the touch of a hand. 3. Let 48 hours pass and make your joints. Remember to clean the tiles well as you go with a well-wrung sponge. 4. Finally, 2 to 4 weeks later, after washing and drying your tiles, apply one or more layers of waterproofing agent to protect your cement tiles and keep them clean for a long time. Make way for the new decor!

A little smart shopping

Last but not least, to give a boost to your kitchen, why not change some accessories and decorative elements? Ideal for restyling the whole inexpensively. Spotted at the moment, metal and / or wood shelves in the industrial style (FIR and BLAK) to go with a concrete worktop, but also many metal credenzas and kitchen rods. Practical and space-saving, they make it possible to declutter the space for better cooking and to have utensils and cutlery close at hand. Magnets or hooks (CLIPPER, PRAGMA, TOWN), in two turns of the screwdriver the trick is played. Finally, to stick to the country spirit of cement tiles (explained above), we like the printed images of earthenware tiles with colorful and / or floral patterns (CLEO). To hang on the walls, they give visual coherence to the room!

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