How to optimize the space in your bathroom?

How to optimize the space in your bathroom?

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Storage and minimalist decoration

It's a matter of common sense, but in a small bathroom, every square meter counts. It's time to finally sort it out and keep only the essentials, that is to say what you use regularly. In terms of decoration, the trend is towards minimalism and very refined spaces, more favorable to relaxation and well-being. For gentle awakenings, opt for furniture with a very simple design, solid color and if possible without a handle, so as not to overload the set. Finally, a large mirror with sober and frameless lines will illusion of space in your small bathroom .

White is your best ally

It's well known, white visually enlarges a room . So do not hesitate to play the white card from floor to ceiling and choose white storage units. If you fall for white in total look, do not forget to apply a special water-resistant bathroom paint to the wall and opt for a "metro" tile that is both trendy and easy to maintain.

Do you fear the "laboratory" effect? Don't forget that a little decoration is enough to bring color: a few napkins with graphic patterns, a pretty plant or a patterned bathroom rug and voila! The wood in small touches also warms its white and its slightly cold side. No need to change all your furniture, simple rush baskets placed on the floor or on the shelves will be enough to warm the room. Finally, a small wooden stool in a corner of the room will give a cozy touch to your decor, in addition to its practicality.

Smart storage and dual-use items

Use sink cabinets with drawers and more particularly the pull-out drawers, which have a large storage capacity. They allow you to navigate in the blink of an eye while taking care of your back. If you have room next to the sink, install a storage column as high as possible to get the maximum volume. Exploiting the height of a room is often the best way to gain some ground . Thus, simple wooden shelves fixed to the wall are a very practical and economical solution for storing household linen or toiletries for the whole family. Be careful, however, not to overload them to maintain harmony and avoid visual mess… at the risk of saying bye bye with the "zen" effect so much sought after. Another tip to save space is to favor objects with double use, such as for example a storage cupboard with integrated mirror or a towel dryer also serving as a radiator. Keep in mind that every corner of your bathroom can be exploited, including the shower in which you can install shelves to put your toiletries. Finally, be smart and hide as much storage as possible to make your bathroom ever larger. Photo credits: Danielle De Lange

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