How to choose your cooking piano?

How to choose your cooking piano?

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A cooking piano can really change your life in the kitchen! But, you still have to choose the model that best suits you. Here are our tips so you don't go wrong when buying your appliance, depending on the size of your kitchen, the cooking methods you prefer and your budget.

One device, multiple possibilities

Beyond its aesthetics, the cooking piano is a multifunction device that allows you to cook several dishes at the same time. The standard size of a cooking piano is 90 centimeters wide for five cooking zones and two ovens. So you can boil water, while your chicken or golden pie in the oven and brown onions in the pan. The advantage? You save significant time in the preparation of your dishes, especially if you have a large family or that you regularly receive friends at dinner. In addition, you will have a lot more space behind the stove since everything is centralized in a single device. It is therefore an ideal option if your kitchen is not very large.

Additional mouth-watering options

If you want to opt for a larger appliance, there are many models ranging from 1 meter to 1.50 meters wide and including more ovens. These are sometimes equipped with other cooking systems such as a plancha, induction hobs, a microwave, a pizza stone or a wok to make your taste buds travel! Some models also make life easier for cooks thanks to a cavity separator, which makes it possible to heat plates or even a simmer oven which offers the possibility of keeping one dish warm while the other continues to cook. Obviously, you will have to revise your budget upwards and arrange your room accordingly.

Each cooking method

When identifying your future cooking piano, you should ask yourself what you want to do with it. No need to invest in a professional model if you only use two cooking stoves daily for example. First of all, you will have to determine if you prefer an electric (easier and more precise to use) or gas stove (if you are fond of tender meat and soft cakes). If you can't decide, a mixed cooktop will combine the two energy systems to vary the pleasures.

Choosing the right oven for aspiring cooks

Then, remember to choose the oven (s) of your cooking piano according to the recipes you are used to making. Pay attention to the volume of the oven and the separating cavities and select the operating mode that suits you best. A manual convection appliance is more traditional than a multi oven which has several levels, while a fan-assisted model makes it easy to cook several dishes. The grill option is also very practical for pastries and gratins. Finally, do not forget to check whether or not the cooker has an automatic catalytic or pyrolytic cleaning system, in order to facilitate its maintenance.