How to maintain your cement tiles?

How to maintain your cement tiles?

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Whether in the kitchen or the bathroom, patterned or plain, nobody likes to see its tarnished or damaged cement tiles. Here are our tips for taking care of it all year round.

Daily maintenance of cement tiles

Do not apply especially on your precious tiles the magic ingredients that we lend to household cleaning, such as lemon, white vinegar or even bleach. Indeed, these very acid (but effective) allies damage cement tiles like marble. Likewise, "anti-lime" products are formidable. For everyday cleaning, opt for another miracle ingredient: black soap. Mixed with hot water and applied to the floor using a mop, this mixture will carefully clean your tiles. Do not forget to rinse your soil with plenty of water after application to avoid traces of residue.

Removing a stain on cement tiles

Do not panic, a simple damp and abrasive sponge is enough. A little Marseille soap on the latter, and rub the stain on your tiles.

Protect your tiles in the long term

Like a parquet, the tiles must also be protected in order to withstand the daily passages. A layer of a hard oil, applied twice, protects your floor (warn the inhabitants of the house during application to avoid falling). Otherwise, there are waterproofing stores in the DIY store to protect your cement tiles from oil, water or grease stains.

Other products to clean your cement tiles

Go to your supermarket if you want to opt for a ready-to-use product. Preferably choose solutions with a neutral pH that do not rinse. Some contain linseed oil, which enhances the effectiveness of the products.