Your decor under the Rio sun!

Your decor under the Rio sun!

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On the occasion of the Rio Olympics, put yourself in the time of the cariocas and take out the tropical sun prints and beach hut style furniture!

A tropical table

Rich in flavors, Brazilian cuisine combines red or black beans, meats, fish, cassava, bananas, but also coconut; the most famous of the Brazilian dishes being "Feijoda". In addition to cooking, remember to brighten up your meals with a colorful table service. In earthenware with large multicolored bands (MEXICO) or tinted with vivid tones, everything is allowed! Imperative, the cocktail service (ISOLA) will open the festivities. It's up to you to play the bartenders and impress your guests with your caipirinhas! On your marks, ready, toast (in moderation, of course)!

Playa atmosphere

The beach is far, but the sun is shining? It's enough to improvise an Rio de Janeiro-style afternoon. There, there are many activities by the water. Football, volleyball but also idleness, you just have to make your choice. And whether you choose your garden, your terrace, a park or even the solarium of the municipal swimming pool, display the color! At home, we install a hammock (BRAZIL, LIMA) or a hanging chair (MACUMBA): the opportunity to take advantage of its exterior in a different way and to sit down with a good cocktail of fresh fruit. On the lawn, dare to unroll and lay colored beach sheets, cushions and other soft cotton floor mats (SUMMER). We also opt for the Chilean practice! Spoiled for choice…

Solar decoration

With its tropical vegetation, its architecture that is both colonial and modern, Rio plays on contrasts and changes the scenery. At home, you can also change the decor for a summer to bring in a little color and light. With the help of a few green plants, the decor is already set ... Then, you can natural rattan furniture , very popular this summer and much appreciated in hot countries. Rocking chair version (TRISTAN), large rounded armchair (CHIARA) or rattan imitation but colorful for the garden (LYSIA), there is something for all tastes and budgets. Use and abuse fun cushions or with Aztec prints (LIMA) as well as small summer objects like this metal plate to hang on the wall indicating "Welcome tropical bar" (BAR). Guaranteed success!

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