DIY macramé: a hanging garden

DIY macramé: a hanging garden

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It's the decorative trend of the moment, we hang flowers and succulents for a folk interior. Follow our tutorial for a macrame pendant!

What do you need ?

Making a macrame pendant light requires very little material:
A ball of recycled fabric or Trapilho
A tape measure
A wooden or metal ring
A real or a false plant
A container (bowl, glass, pot…)

Macrame pendant light? Easy !

Then scrupulously follow these steps to then endlessly vary the possibilities.

What do you need ?

After choosing your wire color, cut 8 strips of 2 meters each and a strip of one meter;
Gather the 8 strips and pass them through the ring, fold about 5 cm of thread and tie a big knot on the ring;
Take the one meter strip and cover the knot with it to hide it, make a knot with the two ends;
Cut the ends of the threads which protrude under the knot so that the top finishes are clean.

Production :
To simplify your task, do not hesitate to suspend production;
Separate the strips and put them 2 by 2;
Then count 5 centimeters from the top knot and make a new knot with the 2 bands. Repeat with the other 3 parts;
Take the second wire from the first strip and the first from the second strip. Measure 5 centimeters and tie at this height. Repeat the operation with the following threads and finally close the assembly with the last 2 threads alone to form a circle;
Proceed to the same step as above by remeasuring 5 centimeters and reconnecting the threads 2 by 2 with a knot so as to close the circle. Finishing:
Take your container and place it inside the suspension;
Depending on its height, locate where to make the final knot with the 8 threads;
And there you have it, all you have to do is position your container and the plant and make a few additional little knots underneath to make the whole more aesthetic! For a video overview of the different stages of this tutorial, it's here!

Variations galore

Once you have mastered the simple macrame, do not hesitate to vary the models by changing the thread (rope, cotton), color, but also by introducing particular knot techniques and especially pearls. You will then need to introduce a nylon thread in the starting composition. Also remember to vary the containers: colored metal pot (HAPPY), frosted glass goblet (FROST), glass tealight (SMILEY) or bottle-shaped vase (LOU DECO)… It's up to you to compose freely! Photo credits:,,

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