DIY: A personalized luminaire for children

DIY: A personalized luminaire for children

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School starts again soon ! Take advantage of the end of summer to organize the living space of your children and thus start the school year off well. For a pleasant room, nothing like a decor that reflects their personality and stimulates their imagination. Here are 3 DIY personalized, fun and original lights, made from a Japanese ball.

1. The balloon suspension

The balloon with its rounded shapes in multiple colors is a great classic in the children's world, especially since the animated film Là Haut. This DIY will allow you to create a strong decorative piece to place in the center of your toddler's room. Material: - a colorful Japanese ball (PAPEL) - pretty wire or cord - a cardboard cup - scissors and strong glue - masking tape (optional) - painting (optional) The steps: 1. Determine whether you want to paint the cup or leave it blank. You can also decorate it with masking tape. Drill 4 holes just below the rim of the cup, equidistant. 2. Take the cord and cut 4 pieces of wire of equal length to assemble your hot air balloon. To calculate the length of a piece of wire, pass it through the hole in the cup so as to double it, mount it to the top of the Japanese ball and leave a margin of a few centimeters (this will be the space between the balloon and the balloon basket). 3. Glue all of the ends of the wires equidistantly inside the upper edge of the Japanese ball. 4. If you want to decorate your hot air balloon, take a piece of wire and make a pennant garland with colored masking tape. Arrange the garland around the balloon, and admire the result!

2. The tie & dye lantern

For a soft and colorful nursery, this DIY is ideal. It will allow you to choose the color you want to highlight and to customize the Japanese ball in a subtle way. You can hang it as a suspension, but also put it on a shelf, for a soothing atmosphere. Materials: - a white Japanese ball (IZU) - a flat paint brush - acrylic paint - a glass of water The steps: 1. Dilute the paint in a little water to obtain the darkest shade. Take care that the texture of the paint is not too thick, otherwise it will be seen when the lamp is on (you can test on a separate sheet before painting on the lamp). 2. Start painting the base of the lamp on a first strip of about 5 cm. Be careful, when painting, keep the darkest layer of paint down and keep the ball straight or the paint may run the wrong way and spoil the uniform gradient. 3. Add a little water to your initial mixture. Repeat a test. If that suits you, paint a second 5cm strip. 4. Continue like this, until there is almost no color left. Try to dose to make sure that it does not happen too high, the paint will anyway be quickly absorbed and will spread upwards by capillary action.

3. The custom polka dot shade

Peas have a mischievous side that is perfect for a child's room. Luckily, they are easy to reproduce on a Japanese ball. All you need is a template, a can of paint and a brush, and voila! Of course, this also works for other geometric patterns such as stars or chevrons. If you feel creative, you can add elements to your lampshade, like hanging clouds, very trendy to create a poetic atmosphere. Material: - non-woven fabric (slightly transparent), failing the tracing - pieces of ribbon - scissors - cotton - a machine or a sewing kit - pretty thread The steps: 1. Draw the shape of a small cloud on the fabric, and reproduce it identically by transparency. 2. Fill the future cloud with cotton and sew the outline by hand or by machine. 3. Cut the fabric around the seam. 4. Sew a few pieces of ribbons to match your peas. 5. Hang your clouds over the wire and then over the Japanese ball. To go faster, opt for an already decorated Japanese ball (AGATHE) and go directly to the cloud stage! You understood, nothing more simple than a paper ball! It is infinitely customizable and perfect for making an essential fixture in your child's bedroom. Good DIY! Discover other decor ideas for a child's room with kindding! Photo credit: Consumercrafts, Chez ce fille, Hello-hello, Remodelista, Langius design via idee-creative and com2filles

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