Design idea: striped wallpaper

Design idea: striped wallpaper

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In the house, no need to put wallpaper on all the walls. To create a decor, you can also use a single strip for easy, economical and trendy decoration! Here are some keys. The wallpaper bends to your decorative desires with your imagination as the only limit. The advantage of wallpaper strips is that they allow a large choice: the designers now offer unique strips worked like real paintings by artists, but you can also use a traditional roll that you can cut to your dimensions. Note also that the use of strip wallpaper allows the use of much stronger colors and patterns than for an entire room. In this case, the strip becomes an element of the decor that will not suffocate the room. Besides the purely decorative aspect, the strip of wallpaper can be very useful: - At the head of the bed: placing a strip behind the headboard protects the wall and gives the bed a decorative look by staging it. - To separate two spaces: if you want to create a demarcation between a living room and a dining room, for example, you can simply lay a strip at the edge of the two spaces. - To cover a door: often neglected in terms of decoration, the doors can also be covered with wallpaper. Depending on the paper chosen, the door may thus disappear or, on the contrary, be enhanced. - To create a frame: you can use the wallpaper strip to create a frame for a work of art or other wall decoration. The wallpaper will highlight the painting provided it is fairly discreet. The decor tip: you can use the wallpaper strip both vertically and horizontally! Discover our selection of wallpaper strips:


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