How did I survive my work? Step 2: organize your daily life!

How did I survive my work? Step 2: organize your daily life!

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That's it, let's get started! After weeks of thinking about the plans (open or closed kitchen?), Budgeting nights (cold sweats), hours spent on Pinterest (and this impression of living in Scandinavia), we are ready for the work! But before fixing the start date, there is a small detail to settle, and not the least… The organization of daily life during the renovation of the apartment! In our case, we were able to stay on site ... The work was "only" on the 55 m2 of the ground floor, allowing us to live upstairs in our duplex. If we were delighted to be able to save money from a temporary rental or to avoid staying with relatives for two months, we had to organize ourselves so that we could live in perfect harmony in a tight space. With a young child and a 12 m2 guest bedroom transformed into a kitchen-living room-office-laundry room, the challenge was tough! Here are some lessons learned from this experience ... all in promiscuity!

Sort and keep the essentials

One thing is clear: before work, sorting is essential! As we do for a move, we give, we sell, we put in cardboard ... In short, we empty the rooms to renovate and for everyday life, we keep the essentials so as not to clutter up. The cake pans, the raclette machine, the trinkets, the armchairs were put in the garage… While we kept the coffee machine, the microwave, two pots and a few cutlery for our life upstairs. It was also an opportunity to sell the old TV cabinet, the worn long pile carpet and the cupboards of the old kitchen. Enough to make some pocket money to decorate our future interior once the work is done! Tip: make a call on social networks, to your friends, to have you lend compact equipment (small fridge, electric hob, etc.). Very practical in small spaces!

Arrange a cocoon living room

If like us you stay on site during your work, it is important to be able to arrange a pleasant living room, as small as it is! This helps the children a lot in experiencing this somewhat disturbing transitional period ... The upstairs guest bedroom having been transformed into a multifunctional room, we had to redouble our imagination to make it a bit feng shui. Finally, we managed to tidy up everything (and keep space to move around yes yes!) By optimizing as much as possible: a minimalist dining area (a folding table and three chairs), a high worktop as a kitchenette and the Ikea sofa in the living room for comfort. But to really feel "at home", it is essential to bring your personal touch! So I took care to stick photos on the wall, put a multitude of green plants on the wall shelves and a small colorful carpet on the floor. Are we not good here ? (a little tight but good, right?)

Personalize the temporary living room to feel good, it's essential!

Establish and stick to rules

During this transitional period, house rules take a hit! The routines change, the disorder settles quickly, the promiscuity promotes the tensions… And the children benefit a little too much from the "camping" atmosphere! Do not panic ! To get out of it (unscathed), you just have to establish rules of life and stick to them! We do not change the bedtime schedule, we force ourselves to put away the hanging belongings right away, we go out to ventilate on weekends and we preserve its privacy. No, the parents' room is not a playroom and the bed reads a trampoline… It's tempting I know, but no!

During the construction site, everyone has their own living space to live in harmony!

Relativize… It's temporary after all!

Not easy to live with work at home. In addition to the stress of the site and its unforeseen events, it is necessary to manage the new organization of everyday life. So yes, at one point, the dust rises to our noses and we want to send everything waltz (we are a bit tired of doing the dishes in the bathtub must say)! A normal reaction but that must quickly be overcome. Try to put things into perspective as much as possible ... In a few weeks, you will be able to have a big party with your friends in your new cocoon (watch out for fresh paintings anyway!) What helped me to take things on the bright side? Think about the decor of my future brand new ground floor! I continued to look for inspiration on Pinterest, to spot furniture in magazines, to imagine the end result ... And then, you have to let go! All this is very temporary and causes a little air of "vacation" on our daily life ... Come on, we can authorize them to trampoline on the bed from time to time after all! (provided they put the duvet back in place, we agree)!

While waiting for the end of the works, we are inspired by its future decoration! Now that everything is in place, the project well prepared and the daily life well organized ... The work can begin! Next step: site monitoring. Helmet compulsory!


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