The table in English time

The table in English time

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Fancy an English table absolutely fabulous ? No problem ! The editorial staff has selected British plates, cutlery and teapots that make your mouth water. It only remains to serve tea and cupcakes made in London. Get ready, it's tea time!

Reasons: darling liberty!

If there is one thing that characterizes our dear English neighbors, it is their love for the liberty motif. A real British table must have at least one floral accessory, a cup or a teapot for example. Also play on the size of the flowers and the pastel colors that go with it (blue, green drop of water, powder pink). To prevent the pudding from sticking to your throat, banish the total liberty look. We like its old school side but be careful not to fall into cheesy kitsch. In short, a touch is enough!

A table with modern lines

Who says British does not necessarily say vintage. The English brand Royal Doulton offers services and plates with modern lines. Here, these are the motifs that inspire England, such as the famous Tower Bridge and Tower of London for a "London calling" collection. A more contemporary and sober design, which takes nothing away from the English charm and humor so popular. And why not combine them with a teapot straight from The British Shop, handmade in earthenware please! We like for its sobriety and its brands of tea registered "Darjeeling", "Russian Caravan", "Mint & Ginger" etc ... You will have a cup of tea? Did you know ? Unlike France, England wants to have the fork with the teeth up. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"

1. Set of 6 dessert plates 16 cm pacific - royal doulton € 42.90 at Fleux / 2. Creamer and Sugar Bowl in Pink Porcelain 200ml € 35.40 at La Redoute / 3. Tea cup + saucer Polka Rose Vintage 30, € 00 at British Shop / 4. Teapot 1.40L Black Toast € 98.00 at British Shop / 5. Box of 6 cake forks € 29.60 at British Shop / 6. Royal Albert tea set € 34.11 at Amazon / 7. Silent servant 2 floors Polka Rose Vintage € 55.00 at British Shop / 8. London Calling plates (Set of 4) € 40.00 at Royal Doulton