A great room to prepare for your return to school

A great room to prepare for your return to school

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Back to school is often the big stress. We feverishly check the checklist: supplies, special back to school outfit, new school bag… To put the odds on your side, here are 5 decorating tips from Audrey, at the head of the blog Olive, Banana & Watermelon to prepare her an office corner at the top ! You can copy!

Tip 1. An office that makes you want to come back

Who says back to school, says "we get back to work", then as much prepare a studious corner that will make him want to log his homework ... So you will need an office at his size, which you will preferably place towards a natural light source and to which you will add a desk lamp with tilting head. To avoid distractions, the ideal is to place the desk facing the wall! If the bedroom is small, you can equip it with a loft bed: the desk will naturally find its place below! I also strongly suggest that you choose a functional office that can follow the child throughout his schooling (yes, I think budget!). Take it functional and easy to maintain. Let your child participate in the choice: classic, vintage, industrial, colorful ... He must feel comfortable there. Let us not forget that an office is also used to draw, create and dream!

Tip 2. Keep everything going smoothly

With the desk, we also think of a comfortable chair or armchair adapted to the age of your mini and coordinated at the desk! My advice: choose the adjustable and ergonomic seat so that your kid's back is well maintained! To facilitate circulation in the room, bet on the super practical casters (EMY, DOGY, STAR). And we can decline the idea for furniture: office on wheels, typical locker College US to store your notebooks and some drawers for your papers…. Think practical!

Tip 3. We multiply the storage to be ready

The idea is to allow him to quickly find everything and store all the sacrosanct list of supplies before the R day. There is a wardrobe, drawers, BIBI cubes, shelves (easily accessible) for his books and many storage of all kinds: colorful BIBI wall shelves, boxes, filing cabinet, pencil holders and co!

Tip 4. Cheerfulness for a good start

Of course, the ideal is to prepare a Zen corner for him to be serene. But a child does NOT work, so we put a little color in it corner office to brighten and flourish it! A nice carpet, a positive or fun poster, stickers, or even a brightly colored lamp can bring a childish touch to the most austere of office corners!

Tip 5. We bet on the personalized

Take advantage of the summer to personalize with him his accessories (case, notebooks, bag ...) in DIY mode with his first name for example! Another idea, put at his disposal a magnetic or cork board so that he can hang drawings, words or memories throughout the year: kids too are entitled to their moodboard! With all that, he should feel invested and ready for the start of the school year! Thank you Dad and Mom…

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