What to do with the seashells you brought back from vacation?

What to do with the seashells you brought back from vacation?

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Did you bring back pretty seashells from the beach? Why not transform them into beautiful decorative objects? With your tools, here are 5 DIY ideas to carry out at home when returning from the sea.

Shells on my shelves

If you have unused Mason Jar (glass jars) in your home, now is the time to get them out of the closet. Soak your shells in lightly bleached water for a few hours and wash them with clean water. Once dry, pour sand at the bottom of your jar and arrange your shells to your liking. You can even stick a label with the date and the name of the beach for even more memories.

Seashells on my napkins

To make pretty napkin rings with your holiday seashells, nothing could be simpler. You just need to collect old wooden napkin rings, scissors, glue for textiles, and big cotton rope. Wind the cord very tightly around the napkin without ever cutting the string. Once the round is completely covered, make a small knot that you will hide inside the towel ring. Then, with the glue, stick your seashell on the surface of the circle.

Seashells on my mirror

Bring a simple mirror with smooth edges, made of wood, and your shells carefully cleaned beforehand. Before fixing your shells with the glue gun, test the arrangement around the mirror to create a harmonious whole. Once the layout has been validated, glue your shells by pressing each of them for a few seconds to secure them. Let it dry for a few hours before hanging.

Seashells on my chime

To extend the vacation at home, make a chime with your own seashells. To do this, you need your sea treasures, a pair of scissors, string, a hammer, a drill, screws and two pieces of wood. In order not to break the shells, it is advisable to recover shells that already have a hole. Otherwise, you must form a hole in each (with the hammer) to pass the string (make a knot before and after each shell so that they do not slip one over the other). Once the four garlands are made, screw the two pieces of driftwood together in an x ​​shape using a drill. Drill a hole at the end of each piece of wood to pass the garland. And There you go !

Shells for my candles

To make pretty candles yourself, collect old, almost finished candles, candle wicks (available in hobby shops) and tweezers. First step, clean your shells. Then, melt your candles in a double boiler by delicately removing the used wick with tweezers. Carefully pour the melted wax into your hollow shells and insert a new wick in the middle. Hold it with the pliers (so as not to burn yourself) until the wax hardens.