Focus on… Pampas grass, a new essential decoration!

Focus on… Pampas grass, a new essential decoration!

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While eucalyptus was, until now, THE vegetable trend, a majestic grass takes its place ... It is the grass of the Pampas! Also called feathered reed, this exotic and sumptuous herb is all the rage in all trendy interiors. It must be said, its flowering offers long plumed inflorescences with delicate hues varying from beige to silvery cream to pale pink. And when it is dried, the Pampas grass becomes a decorative element in its own right that does not go unnoticed ... Overview of the characteristics of this new essential decoration!

Dried version or nothing!

© Normann Copenhagen Native to South America where it grows naturally in Argentina, Brazil or even in Chile, the Pampas grass seduces with its aspect of feathered reed. It can easily reach more than 3 meters in height and withstands many climatic conditions. If his persevering nature and his adaptability can be advantages, they also prove to be constraints. Indeed, it is worth remembering that this exotic plant is considered invasive. In other words, when it is cultivated in soil, it can invade and monopolize space and thus deprive the flourishing of other plant species! In this sense, it is better to avoid importing and cultivating it in France unless you choose the solution of the pot! But be aware that its evolution will not be the same ... Anyway, it is better to choose the dried option! The good news ? This is how we prefer it because it creates a sensation indoors ... If you know someone who has them or if you happen to find them in the middle of nature, you can still dry them yourself. Do not forget to bring protective gloves because its leaves have a reputation for being particularly sharp. Let the feathered leaves dry upside down for three weeks. Once dry, you can spray them (gently and carefully) with hair spray. What protect them and keep them intact as much as possible…

An ornamental plant for all styles…

© Rachel Styliste As you can see, the Pampas grass causes a sensation when it is dried. And in this way, it invites itself with delicacy and poetry in all interiors. The advantage? It offers a durable decoration but above all easy to maintain since it requires none (except to be dusted)! So you have no excuse to adopt it if you do not have a green thumb… Anyway, Pampas grass appeals to all decoration enthusiasts for a very specific reason: it adapts to all interior styles! Lovers of bohemian decoration and its derivatives (kinfolk, ethnic style ...) are the most fond of this unusual looking herb. In a handcrafted woven wicker basket or even attached to a pendant lamp (like this incredible DIY from the blog Rachel Styliste), Pampas grass is the new essential for boho addicts! But it also wreaks havoc in vintage interiors! We imagine, for example, a bouquet of Pampas grass installed in a retro container like a demijohn or other recuperated vases. The glamorous style and the boudoir spirit also suit him perfectly! Because what could be more feminine and sensual than the Pampas grass? As for more modern interiors, a simple and single rod in a soliflore can be enough to give character to your interior. Finally, all the decorative styles that advocate nature, welcome this exotic plant! Associated with other dried flowers, Pampas grass will bring a breath of fresh air to country houses as well as Scandinavian interiors ... So, convinced to adopt this feathered plant?