4 simple steps to renovate and repaint wrought iron furniture

4 simple steps to renovate and repaint wrought iron furniture

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What pride and pleasure to be able to say that we have renovated our wrought iron furniture ourselves! So rather than throwing it away, roll up your sleeves and follow the renovation guide. A few steps are enough to give it a facelift.

Step 1: protect yourself

Like any renovation, it is necessary to protect yourself before embarking on the adventure. So we put on old clothes, put on thin gloves to protect our hands, and above all we wear protective glasses to avoid unwanted splashes of rust in the eyes.

Step 2: pickling

Before embarking on painting, you must erase the irregularities and imperfections collected over time. To remove rust debris, arm yourself with a scraper (tool available in DIY stores for less than 10 euros). Once the scraping is finished, go with the wire brush (available at different prices). Is the furniture well scraped? Make way for steel wool (less expensive and harmful than chemicals) or emery cloth with which you vigorously rub the last irregularities of the furniture. Finally, wipe with a cloth to remove dust.

Step 3: prevent rust

Before coloring your wrought iron furniture with your favorite color, remember to protect it with an anti-rust paint. Whether your furniture is for indoors or outdoors or subject to extreme weather conditions, there are a number of paints to overcome rust (at Leroy Merlin, Castorama…). Be sure to apply the product in every corner, from the nuts to the decorations, and wait 8 hours between the two layers.

Step 4: painting

Make way for the most pleasant stage: painting. Red, white, pink, black, blue, yellow: all fantasies are allowed! Opt for glycerophthalic paint (resistant to humidity and time) or for a special iron paint. And of course, for best results, two coats of paint are preferable.