Bright ideas for 3 decorative styles!

Bright ideas for 3 decorative styles!

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The lights are the subtle and effective touch that completes your decor: much more than a simple light source, they are also and above all a source of inspiration ! There are three atmospheres around chic, graphic and nomadic lighting!

Nature atmosphere Fjord n'Folk

You too fell for the Scandinavian trend , with its raw and clear woods? Its tender winter and natural notes twisted in bright colors for a very soft and joyful atmosphere? To choose the right lamps and perfect the whole, opt for elegant light fixtures , functional with pure lines: for example a l nomad wandering ampe (BALLA) where the TALIA desk lamp warm and modern. You can also lean for the MOZUKAI, in oak and cotton ... Remember: we want a cozy and poetic interior!

Go on a trip with our Pop Mumbai selection

Change of decor and style: it's decided, we'll take you on a trip! Exoticism, cozy and bohemian atmosphere… What could be better for this call to travel than KASHMIR pendant lamp, a DOUG copper lamp or the superb l ALIGAR antenna which, in its turquoise version, finds its place perfectly in a Zen decor inviting to well-being? Finally, to perfect a real perfume elsewhere, do not hesitate to multiply styles and light sources: for example with LONI candle holders… Mix and match the colors together. That's it, you're at the end of the world!

An industrial touch for a Rooftop decoration

Back to a more urban style. Paris, London, New York, ideal destinations for an industrial, contemporary and trendy decor with a recycled spirit. Lighting side, we put everything on the magnificent copper, graphic and industrial suspension TARBES or the beautiful LEXY tripod that will do wonders alongside a vintage anthracite sofa. Above your table, place the elegant PEDRO pendant light to liven up your meals with friends; while on the desk, we pose the JANA lamp to perfect the sleek and chic look required! Be careful, your interior looks like a loft ... And you might like it!

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