How to weed your garden in an ecological way?

How to weed your garden in an ecological way?

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Weeding the garden is often a thankless and tedious task, quite harmful to the environment. However, there are ecological and economical solutions to remove weeds. Discover the good ideas of Béatrice Bourgery, eco-landscape consultant. Interview by Caroline Delman

How to remove weeds on a terrace or in an alley?

On a surface where there are no plants you want to keep you can use boiling water. Extremely effective! After cooking the vegetables for example, empty the cooking water on the weeds on the terrace. It's radical.

How to prevent the invasion of weeds on a surface intended to be flowered?

The good solution during winter is to cover the surface with a cardboard tarpaulin. Deprived of light, the earth will not give plants. In addition, the abundance of glasses of soil will make the soil more loose and therefore easier to work when the time is right.

How to prevent the appearance of weeds on a planted massif?

Mulching seems the best option. Get bark and line the floor with it. Be aware that it is not necessary to spend fortunes on mulching. Garden center contractors can provide you with the necessities thanks to their waste. You can also appeal to wholesalers. For around 30 euros, you can get a ton of mulch. But don't be afraid, a ton in volume is not that big, and it is above all economical! If weeds are really hardy, put cardboard on the ground before mulching. The absence of light prevents weeds from growing.

How to remove weeds from a lawn?

First, a lawn inevitably has weeds. It is the diversity of nature. An English lawn for example is a bit unnatural. However, when there are too many, they can be extracted. For this, many manual tools exist. We think of Gardena's root extractor for example. No need to bend down, a quick twist to 180 degrees, and we expel the weed with a pressure. Fast and effective ! Finally, to prevent their growth, we do not mow the lawn too short, because it is the light at ground level that promotes growth. For more information, visit Jardin Rêve


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