What tools for my (small) garden?

What tools for my (small) garden?

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To properly maintain your small garden or terrace, you need to equip yourself with a few basic tools. Sylvie Manni, communication manager at Gardena, explains how to equip ourselves.

A transplanter or a flower fork

The transplanter is used to repot plants when a pot becomes too small. It makes it possible to uproot the plant with the clod of earth then to replace it in another pot. The flower fork does not have the same shape but it is intended for the same use.

A claw or a rake

Whether you choose one or the other, it is an essential tool for aerating the soil when it has dried. It is used in particular before watering.

The flower broom

It allows you to collect the flowers and dry leaves that have fallen into pots or small flower beds. There are different versions, some with removable handle and telescopic handle.

The pruner

It allows you to cut dead flowers and not to tear them off (something not to do!). The most common are pruning shears. But the offer is very wide, from the very simple pruning shears to that with variable opening, which adapts to the hand of a man or a woman. There are also very ergonomic pruning shears for cutting small shrubs up to 22 mm in diameter. They are designed to multiply the shape of the hand. In all cases, use protected stainless steel blades, which are non-stick and anti-rust.

The hedge shears

It is useful if you have small bushes or boxwood in your garden. There are some on battery, which allow you to work quickly and effortlessly. Very practical too, the swivel head shears, which provide a lot of comfort. To know more :