Decoration: which colors to associate with pink?

Decoration: which colors to associate with pink?

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A real comeback for the pink that cheerfully invades the whole house, from the walls to the furniture, including textiles. No need to confine it to a little girl's bedroom, the associations of colors from the softest to the most daring come in this shade with a thousand variations. Ready to bring softness and romance into your interior? So follow the guide for tender or punchy trend associations.

Pink + blue

When they belong to close shades, a pastel pink and blue for example, these two shades do wonders. The marriage of a dark and dense blue used in majority on the piece with a soft pink in minor on some textile accessories for example is an original combination and which brings depth to the room. Avoid, however, a pink and blue mix with two shades that are too bright, too aggressive.

Pink + gray

Soft variations with pearl gray and powdered roses or more rock between fuchsia and anthracite gray, The gradations of these two shades are pleasant together and allow all associations. No restrictions in the house, we especially like this combination for a bedroom, living room or entry.

Pink + green

Be careful all the same with the daring mixture of these two colors. But if you opt for a rather light pink and a soft green, almond for example, no problem. Also give room for white which will complete this combination which is both romantic and slightly tart. The trend is towards natural hues, inspired by nature, so take advantage!

Pink + copper

This marriage is all the rage! A mixture of romanticism and cozy elegance, particularly when the copper is pink and the pastel pink. Create your ambiance using copper accessories, one or two is enough to illuminate the room, in addition to one or two shades of roses for the walls. A combination of shades that play on the effects of materials, for a contemporary and slightly outdated look.