Make a musical mobile

Make a musical mobile

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Count 50 'for the mobile, 45' for the chime and 10 'for the assembly of the two.


Colored layers turquoise, green, blue (grape format, 200 g) For the chime 6 metal rods 1 white wooden curtain ring 50/70 Green pearl thread 1 meter of dressmaker 1 pair of scissors Universal glue 1 large transparent faceted pearl 1 teardrop prism For mobile Green pearl thread 1 needle 1 meter of seamstress 1 pair of scissors Universal glue Faceted beads 1 circle of simple lampshade



5 'Threading the rods

Cut six lengths of wire of 1 meter each. Slide a metal rod over each wire. Fold the wire in half.

25 'Attaching the rods

Wrap each wire around the ring as shown on sketch n ° 1 and fix it with a point of glue so as to respect a space of 6 centimeters between the ring and the metal rod. Leave the ends free. If you have time, put the stems one by one and allow the glue to dry each time before installing the next one (see sketch below).

5 'Attachment of the prism

Cut a length of wire of 1 meter. about. Fold it in half. Slide the prism into the fold. Slide the two wires into the bead. Tie a knot under the pearl about 25 centimeters from the prism.

10 'Knot making

Gather the twelve ends of the chime in a bouquet above the ring, letting the metal rods hang. Add the wire holding the pearl and the prism to the center of the bouquet. Tie the fourteen ends together about 25 centimeters from the ring. Book. (see sketch opposite)

The cellphone

10 'Cutting

Tear squares of colored layer, forty in all.

15 'Threading the layer

Cut lengths of wire of 70 centimeters each. Tie the ends. To mount a garland, slide the thread over the needle. Thread a pearl, then four tracing squares. Book.

25 'Fixing the garlands

Wrap each wire on the lampshade circle and fix it with a point of glue. Let it dry.

10 'Assembly

Slide the chime inside the garland crown. Gather all the threads so as to roughly align the two rings and tie by forming a loop.


The grape format is not essential, but proportionally more economical in 200 grams. You will always find to use the falls. If you don't want to start making the chime, use one that you bought commercially. 20 tracing paper objects © Flammarion editions, 2003