Floral wallpapers to welcome spring

Floral wallpapers to welcome spring

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With spring, the whole flowering of nature begins. And to welcome this new season, flowers also enter the house. For the spring cleaning, we refresh our walls with floral wallpaper.

Macro flower patterns

To give the house a graphic and fresh side, we put on the macro patterns of flowers which are nothing but flowers in XXL format. Be careful not to use them in a whole room as this could give an overwhelming effect. Make do with a wall or a single strip of paper. You can make a reminder by choosing cushions or a plaid with the same pattern.

Liberty style

The liberty is more discreet because it presents an infinity of small delicate flowers. It will give your interior a very English and romantic touch. Again, avoid the total look to keep it modern. You will easily find a multitude of accessories to wink at paper: cushion, plaids, candles and even mugs.

Stylized flowers

Know that to green your interior, flowers do not need to be realistic. You can also bet on stylized flowers that give the idea of ​​the flower. The abstract aspect will bring a very contemporary side. Discover decorative atmospheres around floral wallpaper: Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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