How to improvise a cookie cutter

How to improvise a cookie cutter

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Pastry? A passion ! Only here, on vacation or with friends, not everyone has the necessary equipment in the kitchen, such as cookie cutters. No worries, there are simple tips for creating cookie cutters from ... all parts!

Tip 1: use glassware

A soda glass or a stemmed glass, verrines, mugs… So many containers that fill all the cupboards and which can be used for baking wherever you are.

Tip # 2: divert children's cookie cutters

Do you have children around you? Good news, many of them often have fun with colored cookie cutters intended for plasticine. Attention, before any culinary use, take care to clean utensils thoroughly. It is not a question of intoxicating the gourmands of the house.

Tip 3: reuse a can

Here is a DIY that will delight the skilled blue cords with their hands. To invent a homemade cookie cutter, all you need is an empty soda can and a pair of scissors (watch your fingers!). Once the can is completely empty, carefully cut its two ends to obtain only the body of the can. Then cut in the vertical direction the tube thus obtained to form a large metal strip. In this strip, cut new strips about 1.5 cm high. Finally, let your imagination run wild. In the shape of a heart or a star, fold and fold (not too much either) the strips until you get cookie cutters that you like. Secure the ends with transparent tape.

Tip 4: with aluminum foil

Nothing could be simpler to create a cookie cutter with aluminum. Take a large sheet of aluminum and place it on your work surface in the landscape direction. Then fold the sheet back on itself, forming strips about 1.5 cm high. Continue folding until you get a single thick, solid strip. Finally, with the strip obtained, create the shape of your cookie cutter (round, square or imaginative). Once your choice is fixed and put into practice, tape the two ends of the strip together. And There you go !


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