How to adapt your living room for children?

How to adapt your living room for children?

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After a long day of work or school or nanny, the whole family finds themselves in the living room, feet on the coffee table, well installed on the sofa sipping a glass of well-deserved grenadine. Children clearly have another idea of ​​leisure than you and invade the living room by flying in all directions colored pencils, stuffed animals, toy cars and other toys that hurt feet terribly when you step on them - everyone knows what am i talking about, right? I do not know if you will stop hurting your feet with my few tips, but these will help you create a welcoming living room for your children without it turning into a games room!

A child-friendly lounge: a dedicated play area

Whether you have a small or a large living room, it is important to dedicate a space for children. Indeed, our favorite little monsters like to play in the living room even if they have their own bedroom or playroom - they want to be with family, with you, the dynamics are reversed during adolescence! You will therefore have to provide a play / storage space to avoid many trips back and forth to their room… And it starts from their first months of life. Indeed, baby equipment can take up a lot of space and your living room can quickly resemble a crib: toys, playpen if there is a playpen, play mat… It is very often during the first year of baby that the living room is the most crowded. Depending on the surface you have in your living room, you can dedicate a space for children proportional to the size of the first one. The important thing is to clearly define and delimit this area. This dedicated play area will evolve since over time, you will be able to modulate and move furniture and toys according to the age of the child. Also consider installing pretty wicker baskets or a few shelves that will only accommodate children's toys once they have finished playing with them.

Here, it is the platform that intelligently delimits the play area in the living room, while the lowest shelf (at child height) groups together the few toys and children's books that will remain in the living room.

A lounge suitable for children: the development possibilities

There are different possibilities to create a space dedicated to children in the living room, depending on their age, their areas of interest, the available space, etc. You can, for example, set up a reading corner, with small armchairs, poufs, floor cushions or a nice teepee - a teepee that you can buy, many brands offer, or even if you have a little time to make. The advantage of this reading corner is that it is modular, you can temporarily put it in the living room and easily move it in the children's room or in the garden, if you have one! As for your children's books, there are several solutions for storing them: attach cleats or baskets to the wall at the height of the children or simply install a small library. Make sure the reading area is bright enough and install a light or night light that your child can turn on by himself. For manual activities and DIY, you can install a small coffee table with small chairs. Children will be able to paint, make plasticine, coloring, ... If you do not have room to have a small coffee table in your living room, you can very well install the children on your coffee table but be careful protect beforehand with a plastic tablecloth.

Ikea's Trofast bin storage is a classic!

The most important thing is to offer suitable storage so that your children can catch and store the toys without your help. Different storage solutions exist: trunk toy box, trolley, baskets, etc. The Ikea Trofast compartmentalized storage, with its multiple tray drawers, will allow toys and games to be organized by category and therefore easily found. You can stick stickers on it for the little ones. Do not hesitate to install a carpet to make the play area comfortable and attenuate the noise for the neighbors below, if you live in an apartment. They will appreciate it!

A child-friendly lounge: safety

Babies and young children are not aware of the danger and it is necessary to secure the living room to avoid small and large sores. When the little ones start their first steps, they can easily fall or bump their heads on the furniture, so it is better to have furniture with rounded corners. Otherwise you can buy flexible corners that you will install on the coffee table, the TV cabinet ... Also think for the little ones to add socket covers and put out of their reach all the dangerous objects that they could catch and be made fall on it: vases, lamps ... If there is a staircase in your living room, install a safety barrier for babies because these little ones quickly climb the stairs as soon as your back is turned!

Secure the children's lounge to avoid everyday tragedies.


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