10 ideas for a Piet Mondrian home decor

10 ideas for a Piet Mondrian home decor

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Entering the School of Fine Arts in Amsterdam in 1892, the painter adopted a conventional and academic style. But gradually his painting changes. The nuances of colors are gradually abandoned in favor of more frank hues. Piet Mondrian nourishes a reflection on his art leading him to think that painting must escape materialism. In 1912, he discovered Cubism and invented a new form of painting. It was from 1917 that Mondrian produced his abstract canvases (nearly 250) for which he would be known worldwide. The primary colors, the perpendicular lines and the contrast give them all their singularity. And if you were inspired by it in your decor? Here are 10 Mondrian-style ideas to adopt in a contemporary interior.

A tribute armchair

Iconic, the Rietveld armchair, designed in 1918 and produced from 1973 by Cassina has not aged a bit. Subtle play of lines and colors, it is certainly one of the most beautiful tributes paid to the master of abstraction and will not fail to underline a note of timeless design your living room.

A colorful locker library

A simple and economical way to breathe a Piet Mondrian air into the home is to use a white shelf with lockers, like the one proposed by Ikea, and to install a few doors in primary colors. Yellow, blue, red… they are positioned asymmetrically like in a master painting!

Mondrian-style buffets

If you want to bring a touch of abstraction to the Mondrian in your interior, run to Cappellini! The Italian publisher offers sublime buffets imagined by Shiro Kuramata, former member of the Memphis group, soberly entitled Hommage à Mondrian. A piece of choice for amateurs who are however ready to pay the price because the buffet is around € 12,000.

A headboard to dream arty

In the bedroom, we abuse the Mondrian look at the headboard. Whether you prefer Do It Yourself or wallpaper, the important thing is to position your decor well in the center and think of the rest of the decor in neutral shades, such as white, gray or black.

White kitchen on blue background

In a white kitchen, you wake up the walls with blue, red or yellow paint on the wall. The contrast will bring a dynamic and graphic spirit. Finally, to stick to the painter's color code, we have fun with bright and colorful accessories and kitchen utensils. And here is a Mondrian decoration at a lower cost!

The dining table takes on color!

In the dining room, how about bringing your wooden table back to life? With a good brushstroke and a glass plate with the right dimensions, your old table will be transformed into a contemporary art painting. A great idea to bring art to the table every day.

A credenza that plays abstraction

Found on canvas, this graphic credenza is inspired by the unique style of Mondrian. Easy to install, it will transform your kitchen into an arty, colorful and sparkling room without barricading it. We really like this one, offered by c-macredence!

Wall decor in the living room

Ideal for boosting a dull white wall, this wall decor inspired by the features of the Dutch artist will mark your living room with a real identity. We like its dynamism which evolves in all lightness. A must for lovers of abstract art.

An entry that sets the tone of abstraction

The entrance is an important decorative item. She sets the scene, sets the tone and says a little more about your tastes. If you are a fan of Mondrian, now is the time to let people know with these colorful coat hooks produced by Presse Citron. They come in different sizes and can be combined.

An essential carpet

With its geometric lines and flat areas of primary colors and black, the Colored Cubes rug by Arte Espina revisits the Mondrian spirit with great elegance. We love it in an old apartment, on a beautiful herringbone parquet floor, just to break the codes.


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