You will like to take a glass of tea ?

You will like to take a glass of tea ?

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1. Glass mug with Kilner handle € 4.80 2. Pink earthenware mug Maisons du Monde € 9.98 3. Marble porcelain mug Maisons du Monde, € 4.59 4. Insulated mug Camera lens Geek corner, € 19.90 5. Guy Degrenne round breakfast cup € 11 6. Maisons du Monde pink earthenware hat mug, € 5.99 7. Pantone Decoclico porcelain mug € 13.90 8. Photoweb Magic Mug € 15.95 9. Mug Enamel Fleux € 12.90 10. Wonder Woman Kas Design tall cup € 16.90

Mugs and cup of tea: colorful and stylish models

Placed on the desk, between the computer and the files to be completed, the mug is perhaps our best colleague. Silent, always present, it must be as decorative! His style is more important than it seems, because he is visible to all your other colleagues (the real ones this time!). Are you a graphic designer? Opt for the Pantone mug, a timeless fashion that is unanimous and exists in a multitude of colors. Want to surprise the office? We recommend the Enamel mug with fish hook patterns (€ 12.90 at Fleux). In a completely different but surprising style, the Kilner glass mug, whose design oscillates between the jar and the mug of beer. Do you have the soul of a superhero? So show it to others with the Wonder Woman tall mug!

Tricks and magic mugs

The teacups and mugs compete in originality. Our favorite: the magic mug. You can paste the photo of your choice, which will only be visible on contact with the hot drink. A good gift idea to offer. We also like the insulated mug in the shape of a camera, for budding paparazzi. The lines will not be disappointed either with pretty trompe-l'oeil models with marble, earthenware or cupcake effect. What else! To accompany your delicious cup of tea, we suggest you try to win superb gourmet gift boxes "Gourmet stopover". Marshmallow, tea, cookies ... Everything is ready in these gourmet baskets! The comforting snack breaks are yours. It's your turn ! S8573764W650 N


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