All about stretch ceilings

All about stretch ceilings

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What is a stretch ceiling?

A stretch ceiling is a type of false ceiling, made of a stretchy thermoplastic fabric (mostly made of PVC), which will therefore be stretched between all the walls of the room. The present canvas is designed for:

  • flammable;
  • UV resistant;
  • Antistatic, fungicide, and sometimes treated against mites and bacteria.

The canvas of a stretch ceiling is systematically made to measure in the workshop according to the dimensions and shape of the room in which you want to install it.
It is then fixed to "rails" (kinds of rails but specific to stretch ceilings, aluminum or PVC, visible or not) fixed on the entire outline of the ceiling, then equipped with a "harpoon line" welded on all its periphery.

Why choose a stretch ceiling?

Stretch ceilings are a type of false ceiling that is becoming increasingly popular in renovations of houses or apartments. This is far from being a coincidence because it combines the strong points:

  • It allows you to create a false ceiling capable of hiding with a minimum of effort the faults of an old damaged or worn out ceiling, but also unsightly electrical cables.
  • The stretch ceiling is also perfect for lowering the ceiling height of a room (which limits heat loss).
  • Acting like real double glazing, the stretch ceiling offers good thermal and acoustic insulation in a room.
  • A stretch ceiling also allows you to play with colors, finishes (mat, satin, lacquered, mirror ...) and can even become a strong element in the decoration of the room since the canvas can be printed. We can also incorporate any lighting system.
  • Installation of a stretch ceiling by a professional is very fast, does not get dirty, and can be done without moving the furniture in the room.

A stretch ceiling: for whom?

The stretch ceiling is an ideal alternative for individuals who wish quickly redo a ceiling, even if it is the ceiling of a dirty or damp room like the kitchen or the bathroom (this type of false ceiling can be cleaned very easily), and who want an impeccable rendering or a decorative ceiling .
The stretch ceiling is also a good solution for companies concerned with the visual quality of their premises, in the hall as in the offices. Especially since this type of false ceiling has a very long lifespan and requires no special maintenance. Finally, prescribers (architects and decorators) are fond of stretch ceilings because they become a medium of creativity with unlimited perspectives (possibilities to print photos, patterns, the typography of your choice…).

What is the price of a stretch ceiling?

It is difficult to give a price per square meter because each stretch ceiling is made to measure, but overall, know that you will have to count between 70 and 90 € / m²).

The quantity of angles in the room as well as the number of light points to integrate can also quickly increase the bill. Overall, know that a stretch ceiling is quite expensive: before opting for this solution, compare with the total cost of renovating your ceiling.