5 grandmother tips to remove odors from your carpet

5 grandmother tips to remove odors from your carpet

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Pets, shoe passage, domestic incidents ... Your carpet is subjected every day to a severe test, accumulating in the long term nasty odors. But how do you get rid of it? Here are 5 grandmother tips to simply deodorize your carpet.

Tip # 1: baking soda

Before anything else, thoroughly vacuum the carpet to remove dust and particles. Then, generously sprinkle your carpet of baking soda until it is completely covered (you can also add talc for a better smell). If possible, leave the bicarbonate to work for an entire day or overnight. When the time is up, vacuum all the powder with the vacuum cleaner.

Tip 2: washing powder

Once the carpet is well vacuumed, sprinkle it with powder detergent. Same process as with baking soda: let the detergent work for a good number of hours and then vacuum it thoroughly.

Tip 3: essential oils

Essential oils - use sparingly - will leave a sweet smell on your carpet. You can, for example, add one to your baking soda mixture by mixing powder and oil with a kitchen whisk for a very homogeneous result. Eucalyptus, lemon, lavender, cedar… So many perfumed touches that will enliven your carpet. If you don't have essential oils at home, opt for lemon juice.

Tip 4: the land of Sommières

In addition to its stain-removing power, this clay soil powder (4.70 euros at Leroy Merlin) eliminates bad odors. Pour the Sommières earth on your fragrant carpet and leave on overnight if possible. Vacuum the powder early in the morning.

Tip 5: white vinegar

Fill a sprayer with a mixture of 50% hot water and 50% white vinegar. Then spray your carpet with the mixture and wait a few hours. Vacuum and make way for the miracle!


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