Make the terrace of your dreams

Make the terrace of your dreams

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Designing the terrace of your dreams tickles you. The table, chairs, sunbathing and net curtains are not enough. Outdoor shower, spa and bar: dare an original terrace with rare elegance thanks to our advice.

A shower on my terrace

A shower on a terrace, what an original idea! In European or exotic wood, aluminum, stainless steel, the outdoor showers will add a touch of design to your terrace. If solar energy appeals to you, why not opt ​​for a solar shower? This technology captures the sun's rays to ensure warm or hot water. Beyond that, the solar showers have a very attractive design.

A spa on my terrace

Who has never dreamed of a spa on their terrace? What if you take the plunge? Jacuzzi, bubble bath, hydromassage, the spa represents total relaxation and will also give a lot of class to your terrace. Please note, choosing a spa is not done lightly and you must take care of its resistance, its materials or the type of tank used.

A bar on my terrace

How good it is to share small dinners with loved ones from a terrace. To bring you even more pleasure and comfort, we advise you to invest in a bar. These accessories are very trendy and their multiple materials. Exotic wood, stainless steel, glass, aluminum, you choose according to the style of your terrace. Small practical advice: opt for articulated or foldable bars, very practical. Wine bar or cocktail bar, this summer, toast with your terrace bar! * Results of the Unep-Ipsos 2009 survey Photos of terraces to get inspired or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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