4 grandmother's tips for a wardrobe that smells good

4 grandmother's tips for a wardrobe that smells good

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Chalk to remove bad smells from your closet

Attention, it is not a question of drawing with chalk on your clothes so that they smell good! Chalk actually has absorbent properties that will eliminate bad odors and humidity in your closet. Put some of them in a small gauze bag. Be careful not to put it too close to your clothes to avoid stains!

Bath salts to perfume the wardrobe

Bath salts, while pleasant in the bathroom, are often unnecessarily stored in your cupboard. Take advantage of them by putting them in your dressing room, also in a small sachet of gauze. Their pleasant smell will spread there and they also have the ability to absorb moisture and thus prevent the spread of bad odors or mold.

A bouquet of homemade scents for a dressing room that smells good

For a dressing room that smells good, make your own bouquet of scents. Poke the bark of a large orange of cloves and surround it with a pretty ribbon. Hanging in your wardrobe, it will dry on its own without rotting thanks to the cloves and will naturally scent your laundry. Simplicity itself.

Essential oils against bad odors in the dressing room

On a ceramic support or an old cloth doll that nobody uses anymore, pour a few drops of an essential oil whose smell you appreciate. Hang in your wardrobe for a pleasant smell every time you open your closet. Note that lavender essential oil has repellent properties against mites.


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