Curtains to create a Zen style: our selection

Curtains to create a Zen style: our selection

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1. Anita orange Madura eyelet curtain € 179 2. White Zen roller blind Store from € 19.99 3. All-Over canvas curtain HomeHome branch € 36.90 4. Zen Storex eyelet curtain panel La Redoute 26 , 86 € 5. Diamond curtain with Nobilis motifs 180 € per meter 6. Nature Zen shower curtain Eminza green 16.99 € 7.Zingaro multicolored eyelet curtain Madura 329 € 8.Zen shower curtain taupe and green Planet Bain 29 , 99 € 9. White curtain with eyelets Sweden Alinéa 29.99 € 10.Hard curtain with burgundy spaghetti threads HomeHouse 22.90 €

A Japanese style in your interior

The Zen style is based on minimalism. You can imagine it to go with the Zen style, prefer a white backdrop on the walls, partitions, curtains or blinds. Give priority to contrasts alluding to the Japanese style and preferably choose sleek furniture to harmonize everything. On the bathroom side, you can install a shower curtain in the same spirit as your curtains from other rooms.

Very specific colors

Beyond traditional white, some colors are like green tones, which refer to nature and bamboo, provided that they are discreet and not flashy. A touch of red to strengthen the Asian spirit? Yes with plain or very shimmering models with noble patterns in a living room for example or by playing with transparency. Finally, some extinct colors also work well with these atmospheres such as eggplant, glazed brown, greige, beige, clay.