Facade restoration: authorizations and regulations

Facade restoration: authorizations and regulations

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In addition to the purely aesthetic side, the facelift of your home is an important operation for the sustainability of the building. This step requires prior authorizations and procedures with the authorities. Little reminder of the procedures and local regulations required to start work on your facade with confidence.

Facade restoration: how to make your request?

Note: the law requires the owner to constantly keep the facades of his building clean, and whether it is a condominium building or not, a detached house or a building of office. In most cases, be aware that no delay is planned, so you can choose the frequency of repair of your facade. If, on the other hand, a deadline is provided by your municipality, and you do not comply with this obligation, you could be fined 3 750 euros (see Construction and Housing Code, Article L152-11).

Facade restoration: the steps to follow

First, you will need to inquire at the town hall of your municipality to find out the administrative form corresponding to your request. Then you will have to immerse yourself in the regulations in force in the town in order to respect the rules established in terms of colors. And yes, not all madness is allowed! In the protected areas, the project will be submitted to the opinion of the architect of the buildings of France. Finally, once established and complete, you must submit your application files to the town hall.

Facade restoration: the pieces to be presented

The file must be complete and legible for rapid processing of your request. In this one, do not forget to show the geographic orientation of the building, to clearly identify the plot you want to modify or repair, the environment around your home and the location in relation to a historic monument. You must also clearly present the description of the project. If you wish to carry out a facelift, you must present a color chart and the nature of the project to the town hall, specifying the coating used. This operation must respect the architecture and the decor.

The different types of facades

Some facades have deformations or cracks which degrade the architecture. To repair these, it is necessary to plan a facelift. Depending on the support and the original character of the building, a different and suitable plaster will be used. It is important to always test the planned methods beforehand. Once the restoration has been carried out, the façade must be regularly maintained on average every 10 years so that it does not deteriorate.