Kakemono from Asia

Kakemono from Asia

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Ordinary tracing paper (in roll 37 cm wide, 100 g) Photocopy of the motif (enlarged to 200%) 1 ruler 1 cutter Paint for ceramic gold Soft brushes (n ° 4, 8 and 12) 2 round sticks (ø 15 mm, length 50 cm) Roller glue 1 small twist Fine satin ribbon

Production :

3 'Cutting

Cut a layer length of 90 centimeters.

20 'Reproduction of the motif

Place the layer on the photocopy and reproduce the pattern, centering it vertically. The rods were made by going up the line using the brush No. 12 used throughout its width. The leaves were traced by drawing the line from the stem to the tip, using the brush No. 8 used transversely. You will then use brush n ° 4 to make the small stems linking the leaves and the main stem. You will very easily clean your brushes by dipping them in solvent.

5 'Drilling

Drill two holes in one of the rods 5 cm from each end.

10 'Assembly

Place a strip of glue along the two ends of the layer on the wrong side. Place the sticks along the strips of glue and close the glued ends on the tracing so as to trap the sticks there. Be careful to place the pierced wand at the top of the pattern.

2 'Installation

Hang your kakemono using the ribbon, tucked into the holes in the stick and whose ends you have tied.

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