Dress your chairs for the winter with wool!

Dress your chairs for the winter with wool!

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Worried that your chairs will catch fire this winter? Do not panic. Alinéa breathes 3 DIY ideas to dress up your chairs with a few scraps of wool and knitting needles. Notice to tricopaths!

Socks for your chair legs

Make socks for your chairs to avoid them the unpleasant feeling of cold ground in the heart of winter, it is the idea of ​​this DIY very simple to make and which has its effect. For knit socks on your chair legs , you need a chair with a classic base like the YVONNE peasant chair, a few remnants of wool, a touch of imagination and know-how! Knit right side, knit inside out, a little time, talent and heart and your woolen socks are ready to be put on your chair legs! Whether plain, variegated, striped, degraded or mismatched, your socks add a touch of fantasy and instant humor to your decor. This is also an effective DIY to finish with the chairs which squeak while beating in passing the varnished parquet and delicate eardrums.

Wool yarn for weaving

No need to tackle the insulation of your house to warm up your decor when the weather makes its own. A little wool affixed to chairs well-designed shapes are enough to give a touch handmade irresistible inside. Is your EUGENIE chair with a scoubidou effect rope a little chilly? Intertwine a few threads of wool (or trapilho) between its plastic cords stretched like a fabric loom. From thread (crossed) to needle, you get beautifully regressive multicolored geometric shapes that are warmly trendy.

A crochet chair cover

Is it very cold outside? Knit a back or seat cover . With a magic wand (knitting!), Your JOY chair is enveloped in the most beautiful cozy effect. The most seasoned knitters do not resist a full swaddling of their chair. For an effect yarn bombing at the heart of the trend, dare colors and stripes. There is joy! Visual credits:,,

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