Decorative concrete for my terrace

Decorative concrete for my terrace

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Deactivated, printed or treated with stencil, concrete offers many possibilities to create a terrace, driveway or parking area well integrated into the environment of the house. Update on these variants of concrete for the exterior.

Concrete deactivated

Deactivated concrete is decorative concrete generally enriched with large aggregates of various shapes and colors, combined with cement. It was long difficult to implement and it was rather austere in terms of aesthetics. Today, it is easier to apply, even on a surface with a relief, thanks to cement aggregates, mineral pigments and pre-mixed admixtures.

Printed concrete or "imprinted concrete"

It is a marking process on fresh and pigmented concrete. This allows you to imitate any material, wood, stone, tiles, bark, cobblestones… We play above all the material effect. The rendering can be particularly aesthetic if it is properly applied.

Stenciled concrete

It is obtained by applying a stencil (or matrix) to fresh concrete or mortar. We can thus create any pattern on its floor or give the illusion of pavers, slabs, stones ... without joints. A sealer finishing treatment makes the concrete waterproof and prevents the development of mosses and lichens.