Flash on unusual and offbeat lights!

Flash on unusual and offbeat lights!

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1.Amazing Tennis 3D wall lamp 26.99 € 2.Design lamp in the shape of a Catellani & Smith Nostraforma man 773 € 3.N Batman Super Unusual neon lamp 54.90 € 4.Seagull QisDesign LED table lamp 605.90 € 5. Modular Tétris Amazon lamp € 29.99 6.Teddy Bear LED Suck UK table lamp € 158.75 7.Jeeves Jake Phibbs Mathi Design table lamp € 345 8.Waaf dog table lamp by Pierre Stadelmann Hariet & Rosie 195 € 9.Zuiver 2D wooden wall lamp 383 € 10.Goodnight pineapple LED lamp on sale at Fleux € 89.90

Energize your interior

In winter, the days get shorter and our living room is plunged into darkness. We turn on the lights, but not just any because a little bit of madness blows on the lights! To keep your home cheerful and bright despite the season, all you have to do is opt for colorful lamps, in both senses of the word.

Playful and original models

The inspirations are varied among the offset lights. On the lamppost side, they come from the photo and cinema studios with wide lampshades in the shape of a bowler hat and mounted on one or more legs like photographers' tripods. If you prefer the world of video games, you will brown the Tetris lamp to compose as you wish. Other lamps play on shapes, anachronisms or change colors on demand. We also play the card of offset and humor with lamps in the shape of an airplane, a tennis ball that will be hung on a wall or even a dog.