Lighten a piece of furniture with an old-fashioned patina

Lighten a piece of furniture with an old-fashioned patina

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When you find that your furniture is too dark but you don't want to change it, there is a solution! You can clarify them by skating them in an old way. Explanations. Skating your furniture will bring a charm of yesteryear which will soften the room! Libéron offers a preparation coating, an old-fashioned paint and a tinted wax that will allow you to achieve a patinated effect on your furniture yourself. Here are the steps: - Start by preparing your furniture: it must be clean, dry and lightly sanded for the paint to adhere properly. If the preparation is laborious enough, know that the more your furniture is well prepared, the more the result will be stunning. - Apply a coat of wood preparation Libéron (12.40 euros for 250 ml). Let dry and shell with thin sandpaper. - Using a flat brush, apply the old Libéron paint (13.45 euros for 250 ml). Let it dry. - Pass a coat of Libéron-tinted wax (8.85 euros per 150 ml) on the surface of the furniture to give it the aged effect and protect it. To do this, use a cotton cloth. - After drying, polish the furniture. You can give it bronze or gold effects using a suitable product. Find out how to skate a piece of furniture: Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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