Mistakes to avoid with color

Mistakes to avoid with color

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Color is a whole program. Whether we like it or hate it, it is part of our lives. Before getting started and daring to color, there are a few rules to know to avoid mistakes.

Avoid the cacophony or carnival effect

So that your room is not too difficult to live with, it is advisable to use a range of bright color in a decorative base of neutral color such as white, gray or beige. Mixes are sometimes complicated to implement because we quickly find ourselves with a patchwork effect and colors that do not necessarily go very well together.

Watch out for disruption of harmony

To know the colors in harmony with each other, it is necessary to refer to the chromatic circle. The neighboring colors on the color wheel are in harmony. The rupture occurs when handling colors separated by more than three tones.

Do not remove the complementary colors

Contrary to popular belief, complementary colors (which oppose one another on the chromatic circle) can be combined. One of the colors must be used sparingly in order to raise the dominant color. We think for example to put yellow cushions on an indigo sofa. Color is a game and you should not hesitate to play with it.

Don't forget the decor style

If some mixtures are not the happiest, they can take on a whole new dimension when they fit into themes. For example, for a Bollywood style, you will mix colors like pink, orange and red. What might seem surprising in another style will be completely harmonious in this case.

Do not regret your choices

If you choose a very strong color like red, yellow or orange, don't be afraid! You have to assume your choice and for that choose frank and bright colors, because this is what will give the style. See color as an asset in the house around which all your decor will revolve. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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