I want a vacuum wrapper!

I want a vacuum wrapper!

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Preserving food is both ecological and economical, which helps prevent food waste on a daily basis. It is not always easy to find the time to cook each day of the week, but food is by definition perishable goods and has a very limited shelf life! Vacuuming them can therefore prove to be the ideal solution to preserve and consume them as desired.

A wrapper to store food in a jiffy

Formerly reserved for professionals (restaurateurs, catering trades, etc.), the vacuum packaging machine is gradually appearing in private kitchens. The fall in prices is undoubtedly not unrelated to this phenomenon, contributing largely to its democratization. Ecological awareness, combined with the fight against food waste have finally convinced the French that it is now necessary to keep food! The freezer is not always spacious enough to accommodate XXL dishes separated into small portions or leftover food, vacuum storage is an excellent alternative to the problem. But what exactly is it? Simply remove the air from a package to protect and preserve its contents! This system works for food of course, but also for household or industrial products. It makes it possible to keep the content 3 to 5 times longer than a traditional conservation ... the savings thus generated over a year are far from negligible. Vacuuming blocks oxygen and the microorganisms responsible for the fermentation process which deteriorates and contaminates food: once vacuum packed, simply slide the bag into the fridge or freezer to increase its duration. conservation.

How to properly vacuum pack?

Good packaging depends on several conditions: - You must pack your food in special bags, often provided for a specific type of vacuum packaging machine. Before buying them, make sure that the brand is compatible with your packaging machine! - The packaged food must be as cold as possible in order to avoid water vapors, harmful to your machine. So let your preparation cool for several tens of minutes in the refrigerator before putting it in the bag provided for this purpose. - When packaging liquids, choose a bag that is large enough to prevent it from overflowing once the air has been removed from the bag. - Do not forget to label your bags once closed, in order to remember the type of food packaged and the date of packaging!

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