Sleep on 100% natural beds

Sleep on 100% natural beds

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Even sleep looks green. Sleeping healthy on an environmentally friendly bed is what the Hästens brand recommends. With 150 years of experience, the brand offers handcrafted beds designed only from natural materials ... Presentation. Since we sleep an average of a third of our lives, it is essential to give pride of place to our bed. Unlike conventional mattresses which contain latex and substances which are harmful to the environment as well as to health (especially with regard to asthma and allergies), ecological mattresses guarantee a healthy intimate environment during sleep. This is the bias of Hästens, official supplier of the beds of the royal family of Sweden.

Healthy and natural materials

Non-allergenic horsehair, natural linen to eliminate static electricity, 45-thread cotton and pure wool for upholstery: this is the magic recipe for Hästens ecological beds. Sleeping in a healthy environment-friendly bed is not the only advantage of these materials. By drawing its resources from the heart of nature, the brand brings together a winning trio: ecology, quality and comfort. Hästens eco-friendly bed, available from € 1,800 in Hästens stores


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