Tutorial: make a haunted house for Halloween

Tutorial: make a haunted house for Halloween

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Ok, this DIY is expert level. But what an effect! A haunted mansion made of paper for a super successful Halloween decor. So even if the work may seem impressive, we embark on hyper clear explanations from Virginie, alias Gabrielle Aznar, Parisian stylist and textile designer.


You will need: - sheets of colored drawing paper in black, gray, orange and white (Canson type for better hold, the grape format is ideal) - scissors - news: 739781 cutter - glue - pencil - a ruler - Posca type paint or markers


1. Above all, you have to visualize your house. It consists of four parts: the tower, the entrance, the body of the house and the library.

2. That's it, did you understand how your house is divided? So let's get down to business: we need to reproduce the above patterns on Canson paper. So that the lines are not visible once the house is finished, pencil on the side of the paper that will not be visible. Use black paper for the roof and gray paper for the walls.

3. Then cut out the different elements by hollowing out the windows.

4. Mark the folds using a ruler to fold straight.

5. Then decorate your house: mark the windows, dress the walls with wooden planks and draw the tiles. For the plank effect, make broken lines without trying to make them perfectly parallel and straight, this will give the realistic appearance.

6. We then customize the windows by sticking orange paper inside. You can also draw curtains, spider webs, ghosts ...

7. Now you have to assemble all the elements. We start with the walls by gluing them together using the tabs provided. For roofs, they are glued directly to the walls, being careful to protrude the roof. Then we assemble the four parts of the house with double sided.


And There you go ! A terrifying haunted mansion for a great Halloween decoration! You can then stage it by adding paper ghosts, dead leaves, small pumpkins…

Thanks to Virginie for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your haunted houses on our Facebook page, and find more ideas on our Pinterest!