It's trendy: textured glass!

It's trendy: textured glass!

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In 2019, say goodbye to smooth glass and give way to textured glass. This more worked glassware invites patterns of all kinds to give relief to the glass. Chiseled, ribbed or reinforced, glass gives pride of place to stripes, graphic shapes and tiles. We tell you more about this trend that will invade, for the next few months, furniture, small decorative items and dishes…

A trend in relief!

© Meme Design
Photo: Tom Blachford We love glass for its finesse, delicacy and transparency. It must be said, its potential is immense. Thus, it perfectly reflects light while giving an airy character to interior decoration. On large furniture or on small decorative accessories, glass brings shine wherever it is found. But this season, the glass no longer dresses the decor smoothly, on the contrary it textures and gives pride of place to the patterns. Glass plays with graphics and offers multiple material effects. And if we love it so much when it is textured, it is because it blurs to offer a light, we can no longer, soft and soothing. In this sense, the designers take it over and make it their new playground. Result? Textured glass invades our interiors, from the glass-like partition, to the dressers and small dishes!

Chiselled, reinforced or ribbed glass?

© Casamotion As you can see, the trend is towards textured glass. And there is no lack of choice when it comes to giving it patterns and relief. Present in all decoration magazines, ribbed glass is THE star of textured glass objects. And for good reason, it is adorned with fine stripes, confining it to a resolutely elegant look. And as if this fantasy was not enough, ribbed glass also gives pride of place to colors. Thus, we find all kinds of vases with graphic lines and delicately colored. What bring finesse and dynamism to its interior!

© Bloomingville Another way to give relief to glass: the chiseled effect! Can't you see what it looks like? It is enough to refer to the traditional glass bottles containing liqueurs (particularly whiskey) to represent it. As its name suggests, this type of glass gives the impression of having used scissor blows to take graphic shapes. A trend that honors the Art Deco style and that creates a sensation in all retro and vintage interiors.

© Ferm Living To finish our top list of textured glasses, you will not miss the glass. This flat glass in which a metal grid is integrated, is more commonly used for windows, doors, partitions and even shower screens. But this checkered glass is more and more, a place of choice on the furniture. We think, for example, of the Haze display cabinet by Ferm Living, which met with great success and which has since resulted in the development of a furniture collection of the same name. So what type of textured glass are you going to fall for?


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