Small spaces: tips for hosting and hosting, without stressing!

Small spaces: tips for hosting and hosting, without stressing!

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Small spaces: why deprive yourself of the pleasure of hosting? Push the boundaries of your apartment with furniture from the Gain de place by Monsieur Meuble store.

At table !

To combine living room and dining room and no longer deprive yourself of the pleasure of hosting, opt for the liftable coffee table. A simple lever allows you to switch from the coffee table position to a comfortable living table. Surprisingly, the extendable console, nestled in the entrance, becomes a dining table in the blink of an eye. Its multiple extensions allow to accommodate intimate tête-à-tête and large tables. For fans of the dining area, fall for the new extending tables. The extensions are hidden under a thin and elegant tray, maintained by a customizable base. What optimize and sublimate each square meter!

Design and space-saving chairs

We invite you to sit on a designer chair designed with respect for the eco-citizen production process. Recyclable, the stackable polypropylene chairs are resistant and their festive colors. Outside of reception moments, we take the opportunity to distribute them here and there like decorative objects. By opting for translucent chairs, you visually lighten your interior space. Now essential, these chairs go as well with contemporary furniture as a more classic style.

Transform a living room into a guest bedroom

For lack of space, the living room often serves as a guest bedroom. The sofa bed, bz bench and convertible sofa are now imposed, now fitted with storage and comfort solutions. Maintaining cushions when opening, storage box and high density mattress, anti-mite treated offer 100% comfort sleeping solutions. Placing the convertible against a wall with a side table as a bedside table is enough to create an intimate space for the guest. Thus, the new addition to the convertible for fitting out small spaces is the bz armchair. It combines sitting and sleeping: a very appreciable breakdown solution! Advertorial.


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