5 tips for a more cozy interior in winter

5 tips for a more cozy interior in winter

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In winter, it's cold, the days get shorter and the weather makes its own. In this sometimes difficult season, we need comfort. It's time to rethink our interior a little bit. Today, we have therefore decided to give you 5 tips to make your interior more cozy in winter!

1. We put more carpets

Winter is the season when we hate to have cold feet. So it's time to bring out all the rugs that have been mounted in the attic or stored in the cellar. If these are out of fashion, you can buy them back. Prefer thick and comfortable rugs. Place them in the living room, of course, but also in the dining room, in the bedrooms, on the mezzanine… It makes sense to take easy-to-maintain carpets for places of passage and thicker carpets in bedrooms and living room .

2. We multiply the cushions

In winter, we spend more time at home and we seek comfort and well-being. For a very cozy interior, you can place cushions everywhere. You can put them on the beds, the sofa and the armchairs. In this case, opt for small cushions with very comfortable covers. For the floor, you can choose very large cushions that you will install in the living room or bedrooms. Kids love it!

3. We bet on the plaids

We don't like throws… We love them! They warm us, are very soft and find their place everywhere in the house. When winter arrives, place several throws on the sofa and the armchairs but also in the toddlers' rooms as in yours. So when you read or watch TV, you will have a plaid handy!

4. We install a tea tray

In winter, we love to enjoy a hot drink comfortably installed on our sofa. This is why from the first frost, you should provide a nice tray with mugs, loose tea and a beautiful teapot. There are complete ranges, some are very decorative, others are Japanese. Choose the one you like the most!

5. We put on big bathrobes in the bathroom

When temperatures drop, getting out of bed is very difficult, just like getting out of the shower for that matter. However, the solution is simple: you have to put on big bathrobes in your bathroom and jump in when you wake up and after you shower. So we are very warm and very comfortable ... Provide a bathrobe for each member of the family, hang them behind the bathroom door. In summer, you can store them! Changing your interior when winter sets in is pleasant. In addition, there is no shortage of ideas to fully enjoy your home when the cold is too intense. We should also adapt our interior to each season. So see you in spring!