Cleaning your books and shelves: tips and tricks

Cleaning your books and shelves: tips and tricks

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Among household chores, making dust is one of the most horrific activities if you don't have the right techniques. Fortunately, there are several tips for dusting your bookcase and your shelves while taking care of the various works that you exhibit there. And this, without spending hours there. Here are our tips for easily maintaining your library and books.

Properly clean your shelves according to the materials

If your shelf is made of wood, use a suitable product that will nourish the furniture while cleaning it thoroughly. If your shelf is laminate, a simple cloth that retains dust will suffice. For glass shelves, you can use glass cleaner or newspaper, being careful not to leave rag marks when rubbing. If so, a cloth dampened with water and ammonia will wipe it out. Finally, a metal storage unit can be easily cleaned with a sponge soaked in warm water and Marseille soap / dishwashing liquid.

Optimize the time to clean your shelf

Save precious time by recycling your perforated socks and your spun (naturally anti-static) tights! Thread them on your hand and make dust directly in the smallest corners of the shelf without any difficulty. This will avoid raising dust clouds and depositing more on other shelves or on the floor.

Empty and clean your library

For the cleaning of the library, it will be necessary to completely empty the furniture of the books and trinkets that it contains. Then, remove the dust from the top to the bottom - therefore always starting with the shelves located high up - using a microfiber cloth. You will then need to clean each item before putting it back in its place. Do not forget to vacuum your house to catch the dust particles that will have fallen on the ground.

Dust your books regularly

This is the key to an impeccable library! It is strongly recommended that you dust your books every two to three days to prevent dust from accumulating. With a feather duster or a microfiber cloth, remove the dust on the edges of the works, being careful not to get the mites inside the pages.

Depending on the type of cover (leather, paper or plastic), choose a paintbrush or a small brush and do not use any liquid, otherwise it will cause mold and seriously damage your books.

Prevent dust from coming back too quickly

To avoid spending your days dusting your interior, ventilate your room well (minimum ten minutes per day) and leave your shoes outside the house. To delay the formation of dust on your shelves, turpentine is a great ally. Mix it with olive oil and vinegar and feed your wooden furniture, which will no longer show mite deposits for a week.