Chair pads for a comfortable garden furniture

Chair pads for a comfortable garden furniture

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To bring comfort to your garden furniture while focusing on a decorative touch, opt for the chair pad! Dotted, striped or ultra colorful, it will give your garden a completely different style…

Impeccable comfort

In the garden, the wooden, plastic or resin chairs are sometimes a bit hard and do not really invite you to relax. To remedy this, we put on small cushions that will make the seats soft and much more pleasant. There are cushions of different sizes and different thicknesses to adapt to your seating and your desire for comfort. Know that you will even find pancakes in the form of a bench for your garden benches.

An interchangeable decor

The advantage of the chair slabs is that you can choose them independently from your garden furniture. So you can create your decor style using the slabs and change it as many times as you want without changing the living room. Bayadère, pop peas, uni design… The possibilities are endless! And to create a truly original decor, you can mix the different patties in the same living room. Discover our selection of chair slabs for the garden. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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